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Composite study program in business informatics

The combined study program in Business Information Systems enables students to obtain the IHK degrees of IT Specialist - Specialization System Integration or IT Specialist - Specialization Application Development and the degree "Bachelor of Science" in Business Information Systems.

The task of business informatics is to support concrete operational processes by means of data processing systems on the basis of general laws of information processing, business administration, and mathematics. The focus is on the selection, introduction, and algorithmic development of such data processing systems as well as their analysis, improvement, and conception. For this purpose, operational processes and information structures are to be analyzed and solution concepts for the optimization of classical business management areas are to be developed.

The course is preceded by 15 months of practical work experience. In addition to the regular studies at the OTH Regensburg, practical phases take place in the laboratory during the lecture-free period. The practical semester is completed in the laboratory, as is the preparation of the bachelor's thesis.


Studienverlauf - Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Why should you come to us?

  • You are welcome to shorten your apprenticeship period with us, provided your grade point average allows it!
  • We offer you the opportunity to work in a young, dynamic team for a promising, constantly growing company.
  • So far, we have been able to take on all of our apprentices after their training!
  • Through "internship days" in departments outside of the training requirements, we teach you important interrelationships of work processes. We like to let our trainees think outside the box!
  • In addition, you will be supported in your training with free learning material and company learning times!

If you have any questions about our apprenticeships, please do not hesitate to contact Maja Fenslau.

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