Quality Management

Excellently Regulated. Our quality management meets the demands of DIN (German Industrial Norm) EN ISO 17025. This standard determines the requirements of all test- and calibration laboratories. Among the demands towards the organization and the qualifications of our employees it additionally means strict supervision of incoming samples all the way from collecting or arrival till the creation of the test report. The basic regulations of our management system are stated in our quality management journal, which is open for public insight if desired.

High Demands. Whenever possible our research is subject to international standards and is persistently accompanied by quality control measures. This also includes the participation in inter-laboratory comparisons (results available on request). The amount of quality assuring measures ensures the comparability and reproducibility of your analysis-results and provides reliability at its best. 

Our company is frequently monitored by the German Accreditation Body (DAKKS) in order to maintain the regulations of DIN EN ISO17025.


Seit 13. Mai 2013 ist das Labor Kneißler DAkkS-akkreditiert. Die aktuelle Urkunde ist unter der Nummer D-PL-14486-01-00 registriert. 

Trinkwasserlabor nach § 15 Abs. 4 der TrinkwV
Zulassung nach § 44 Infektionsschutzgesetz
Zulassung für amtliche Gegenproben nach § 43 LFGB
VLOG anerkanntes Labor
Benennung als amtliches Labor nach Art. 37 Abs. 1 der Verordnung (EU) 2018/625
Erlaubnis zum Arbeiten mit Tierseuchenerregern nach § 2 Abs. 1 TierSeuchErV

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