Sensory Tests

Professional sensory tests

  • General Sensory Test
    The product is investigated on appearance, smell, and flavour to detect any considerable discrepancies.
  • Ranking Test
    In this sensory test, multiple tests are ranked. The focus is on predetermined testing criteria. This way, differences in intensity between various samples can be detected.
  • Triangle Test
    The investigator is given 3 samples, of which 2 are identical and 1 is deviant. If the deviant sample is recognized by the required number of testers, it is assumed that the consumers will recognize the difference as well. This method is used for, e.g., changes in recipe (substitution of raw-material suppliers) or minimal differences in products.
  • Simple descriptive Test
    A product description for desired features is conducted, e.g., appearance, consistency, and/or flavour.
  • Descriptive testing with subsequent quality assessment
  • Creation and alignment of specifications
  • Expert opinion
  • Sensory testing according to DLG testing schemes, if desired, with packaging and labelling testing
  • Customized sensory testing of food products
  • We would be happy to work with you to develop an individual sensory analysis that is tailored precisely to your requirements.
  • Sensory testing of food for packaging odour
  • Visual inspection of the void fraction of food packages
  • Inspection of the piece size distribution of cooked ham

Special Sensory Examination of Meat

  • Meat color measurement
  • Determination of drip loss, grilling/roasting losses
  • Here, the amount of meat juice lost during grilling or roasting is determined.
  • Cooking and roasting sample for sensory evaluation of volatile odor substances
  • Determination of drying losses of meat products
  • Determination of the glaze content of frozen fish
  • Fluoroscopy of fish for the detection of nematode larvae
  • Knocking reaction of mussels
    Here, the reaction of mussels to a knock test is checked. This can be used to determine how high the live content is in a pack.

Egg Testing

The following factors play a role in the examination of egg quality characteristics:

  • Egg white height measurement
  • Yolk position
  • Air chamber height
  • Appearance of shell / cuticle
  • Egg white
  • Sensory properties in raw and prepared state
  • pH values

Gravimetrisch-präparative Untersuchung


Determination of the proportions of different components in a product by gravimetric separation and subsequent weighing of the individual components.



Measurement of the water activity, or the freely available water in a food product. This gives an indication of the possibility of microorganism growth and thus has an influence on the shelf life of foodstuffs.

Verification of nominal quantities on packages

  • Gross, net, tare weights
  • Drained weights
  • Volume determination


Examination for foreign matter

  • Foreign matter analysis
  • Pest infestation


pH-value measurements

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